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Traveling through Tulum, Mexico


Above: Rosa Del Viento Beach Club

Located on the coastline of the Caribbean Sea lies Tulum, Quintano Roo. A paradise nestled in between the breezy palms and crystal clear waters. Exotic and far from home, Tulum offered some of the most beautiful locations for shooting and exploring. There’s plenty of hidden spots to relax and enjoy the views, with no crowds in sight. This place is the ultimate destination for the traveler kind.

Along the oceanfront, you can find boutique hotels, resorts and restaurants scattered along the coast. Just feet away from the waves lies some of the most remote escapes in the world. Each space caters to a different vibe. Enjoy Coco Tulum’s rustic beach bar with a white pinterest dream look that sits above the white sandy beach. Getaway to the last hotel on the road at Rosa Del Viento, which


Above: View from the helicopter over Tulum’s turquoise waters.
Right: The outdoor patio of the cabanas at Coco Tulum.
Left: The Zen Zone at Coco Tulum

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